About us

SIX is Sustainable Investment Exchange, an ethical investing and shareholder advocacy platform on a mission to help shareholders use their influence to make change. 

With SIX, share trading finally shapes a better future for all.

Why SIX? 

Our current economic model is failing to create a sustainable society for most people. It contributes to climate change. It worsens wealth inequality. It fosters conditions for threats to democracy. It disenfranchises working-class and minority communities.

Tools that harness our collective voice and power are integral to the change we need.

SIX is a trading platform that unites shareholders to push big companies to be better. Climate, inequality, workers’ rights: these are the issues that define who we are as a society.

We imagine a future where every investor, big or small, has the power to use every single share trade as leverage for positive change.

Meet our founders

Adam and Sophie are at the helm of SIX, envisioning a transformative impact on the investment world. Their platform is designed to empower shareholders, encouraging active engagement and influence within the industry, fostering a shift towards more accountable and sustainable corporate practices for a significantly improved future.

Adam Verwey

Co-founder and CEO

Adam has a passion for using capital in a way that seeks to create systemic change on climate change and inequality 10 years ago he co-founded Future Super and became a director of ACCR. Both organisations were built to shake things up for a better future.

Future Super shook up the $3 trillion super industry into taking their members' concern about climate risk seriously. ACCR created the blueprint for shareholder advocacy in Australia and got corporate boardrooms shaking.

SIX is Adam’s next big bet to shake things up. To give people the investing power to build a better world by influencing big companies to do better, and the opportunity to own the next generation of impact companies.

Sophie Hall

Co-founder and CPO

Sophie, previously a Product Lead at the ASX-listed company Whispir and an adviser to multiple start-ups, is deeply motivated by her desire to create meaningful products. Her journey in the tech industry is marked by a commitment to fostering innovations that prioritise well-being.

This passion led her to co-found SIX, where she applies her extensive experience to empower individuals to invest in companies that not only align with their values but also contribute to societal and environmental betterment.

At SIX, Sophie’s vision is to transform investing into a powerful tool for positive change, reflecting her belief in technology’s potential to enhance lives.

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