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What is a Limit Order?

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A limit order is an order to buy or sell shares at a set price or better. There is no guarantee the order will be filled.

What is a HIN?

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HIN stands for Holding Identification Number, and is associated with all CHESS-sponsored trading accounts.

What is CHESS?

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Clearing House Electronic Subregister System (CHESS) is the computer system that ASX uses to record shareholdings and manage the settlement of share transactions. 

CHESS sponsorship is automatically applied to all SIX share trading accounts. With a CHESS sponsorship, your account will have a unique HIN. 

Is activist investing risky?

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All investments have risk so you should always do your own research before getting started! It’s important to consider your needs, objectives and unique situation before investing.

Who does SIX partner with and why?

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SIX partners with a range of entities: NGOs, investment managers and adviser firms, trusts and foundations, and businesses. We seek out leaders working on each campaign and work with them to outline an investor-oriented approach to influence meaningful impact in that space.

How do we decide which campaigns to run/support?

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We have key areas where we want to help people make an impact with their investments and base our campaigns on these themes: climate change, environmental degradation, workers’ rights, and inequality. 

SIX supports campaigns that we think are winnable: these tend to be campaigns run by dedicated people on the frontlines of the particular issue that target ASX-listed companies and have a clear ask. 

What is Shareholder Activism?

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Shareholder activism is when investors use their influence to shake up companies for the better. It's the ultimate power play, as shareholders become the driving force behind corporate change, demanding a fairer future for the planet and its inhabitants.

What do I need to get started?

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To get started all you’ll need is an ID document (license, passport, etc.). Our sign up form is quick and easy and takes you one step closer to using your dollars for good.

Who can use SIX?

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At the moment, SIX is only open to individuals who are residents or citizens of Australia or New Zealand. As we grow, we plan to be a platform that wholesale investors and trusts can use. Watch this space!

How much does SIX cost?

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The minimum parcel on the ASX (i.e. the smallest amount of shares you can buy) is $500 worth for the first time. This amount does not include fees so your first deposit will need to be a little more than $500. Once you hold shares in that company, there is no subsequent minimum.

Each trade you make with SIX will have a 0.1% brokerage fee, with a minimum of $9.90 up to $10,000. There are no join fees!

What kind of account can I have?

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At the moment SIX is only available for individual accounts (beta mode). Over time, we have the intention to extend to other account types, including Joint, Company, SMSF (with a range of trustee types), and Trust (with a range of trustee types).

How does SIX work?

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SIX is Australia’s first one-stop-shop for activist and ethical investors. You can use our platform to manage your own ethical shares portfolio, and join our various campaigns to build an activist portfolio, too.

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