APA can stop the Beetaloo Basin gas bomb being fracked


The Beetaloo gas basin in the Northern Territory is one of Australia's largest new fossil fuel projects. It threatens hopes of limiting dangerous climate change, ecosystems and human rights 

APA Group, Australia's largest gas pipeline operator, can stop this climate bomb going off by choosing not to build pipelines to transport fracked gas from the Beetaloo Basin. APA can instead invest in its other core business of building renewable energy 

SIX is here to build the movement of shareholders demanding that APA Group align its actions with international climate goals


  • The Beetaloo gas basin: Gas companies Empire Energy and Tamboran Resources are trying to frack the Northern Territory Beetaloo gas basin.
  • Polluting fracking: Fracking and processing Beetaloo gas could produce up to 49 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent per year, adding approximately 11% to Australia’s current annual emissions. And that’s before the gas is even burned![1]
  • Eye-watering emissions: Total emissions resulting from just Tamboran’s Beetaloo projects alone could be up to 2.3 billion tonnes of CO2-equivalent over 25 years according to independent analysis. That’s equivalent to five times Australia’s total annual greenhouse gas emissions.[1]
  • Traditional Owner concerns: Traditional Owners and farmers have voiced clear opposition to the Beetaloo fracking plans.[2] They have raised serious concerns about risks to groundwater in the Cambrian Limestone Aquifer, which sustains local livelihoods and ecosystems.[3]


  • APA: APA Group (ASX:APA) is one of Australia’s largest gas pipeline operators.[4] They are one of the only companies that could build the pipelines needed to transport fracked gas from the Beetaloo. If APA walk away, it could be the end of plans in the Beetaloo.
  • Initial agreements: APA has already signed initial agreements to support the first phase of Empire and Tamboran’s plans.[5] But there’s still time to stop APA from developing the large-scale pipelines needed for the Beetaloo to be viable.
  • Put them on notice: SIX is working with our partner, Market Forces, who are helping to build a coalition of shareholders that will pressure APA to stop the Beetaloo Basin expansion. Pledge to buy or use shares in APA to be part of this vital push.


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