#EndGamblingAds by pushing Nine, Seven, News Corp



Nine, Seven, News Corp: Nine Entertainment Company (ASX:NEC), Seven West Media (SWM), and News Corporation (ASX: NWS) are three of Australia’s biggest media companies.1 Nine and Seven own the two most watched TV networks in the nation,2 with News Corp owning many of the most read papers.3 These companies all allow gambling ads. News Corp even owns a gambling hub.4

Gambling-related harm: Gambling related-harm is serious, and can be experienced on a spectrum, ranging from reduced performance due to tiredness or distraction, relationship conflict, impacts on wellbeing, erosion of savings, and crisis.5

Gambling ads: Three-quarters (78%) of Australian adults reported seeing or hearing gambling ads at least once a week in the past 12 months.6 To achieve these numbers, almost $300 million was spent on gambling advertising in Australia in just one year.7

Young people are gambling: Gambling ads are normalising gambling for young people. In Victoria young men between 18–24 years bet on sport more than any other age group, making up a third of all sports gambling.8 A survey of 1,765 people found that “seeing or hearing wagering advertising was reported to influence betting behaviour in risky ways, especially among young people”.9


Majority support a ban: Polling shows that a whopping 71.3% of Australians support a ban on gambling ads shouldn’t be allowed during sports broadcasting.10

Community support: There is community support for reducing gambling-related harm. Over 650 sporting clubs have signed up to Love the Game in Victoria and Reclaim the Game in New South Wales. Both are campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the risks of gambling for young people.11, 12

It's already happening: The Guardian has self-imposed a ban on gambling ads, not just in Australia, but globally. Nine, Seven, and News Corp can follow their lead.13

Put them on notice: Nine, Seven, and News Corp have their Annual General Meetings (AGMs) later this year. In the lead up to the AGMs, we will use shareholder power to help pressure them to #EndGamblingAds. Show these companies that we’re gaining momentum by pledging to buy or use shares.


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